Hello.. My name is Kenneth Augdal and I am the starter of this movement/project.

I have always been creative and full of ideas and this is something I have seen potential for in many years. Though it is just now when I have been using 3d printers for some years that I see the full potential worldwide.

This is something new for B2C and could grow very big in just a year.

The webshop is built from scratch by me, and everything you see here on this page. I had a vision and I hope to find others that see what I see.
If you want to join with your 3d printer company, then just contact me and I`ll add you to the shop.

Each country got it`s own database and wordpress webshop that is multivendor.

What runs this is WordPress, Woocommerce, Dokan pro, Astra pro, WPML, and dokan stripe.

For now we are some 3d printer companies in Norway that have joined this webshop and I have been talking with others around the world.
If you are an investor or want to fund this project you could check out the funding page.

If you want to just have a talk or use some of my services, then book me on PickMyBrain where I have a profile: PMB

I am also at Linkedin, Instagram, Clubhouse, Facebook, Whatsapp and probably lot more places. So do not hesitate to contact me on any of these platforms.