Drop production and not print service

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Local shopping

We gather 3d printer companies around the world to produce the products at your location. This reduce shipping worldwide and lower C02 emission. It also reduce waste from packaging since most of the products could be picked up locally.

Many compare us to other services as online quote system where you could get your design printed. 
This is totally different and we actually have premade products that are shared amongst each printshop. 
So this is not you providing a file to print, but a webshop for you to purchase already made designes that are thoroughly tested with normal warranty that you would get in a normal shop.

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We design the product and test it first.

All the products that are presented on the webshop is something we have designed for 3d printer production and tested in real life.
The product is produced locally in your area by a group of 3d printer shops that make the design in the same quality worldwide.

This video is based upon a research paper of Distributed Manufacturing which looks at the evolution of manufacturing based upon distributed technologies.
These are truly exciting times for manufacturing, as advances in technology and changes in marketplace expectations are making it possible for relatively small decentralized manufacturers to gain traction and thrive in an industry where scale through centralization was once an imperative.
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